Hawker Hurricane Mk2 BAPC No.68


Built for the epic "The Battle of Britain". It featured in the film with code letter "J", (3426). When the film was released, the Hurricane was mounted on the Odeon cinema in Lincoln for promotional purposes.

As the story goes the aircraft was then placed in a car park where it was vandalised, before being acquired by the Newark Air Museum. The last owner prior to the Griffin Trust was a private venture in Warwickshire.

The Hurricane was purchased in 1998 and a heavy haulage specialist was paid to transport it back to the Griffin Trust from a private owner in Milton Keynes. The wings and associated items were transported on a car trailer pulled by a Vauxhall Carlton, automatic. Four well built men and the load proved to be too much for the car as a new gear box had to be fitted.

A full restoration programme was carried out by the Griffin Trust aircraft section, and completed in 2000.